Saturday, 18 of August of 2018

Bridge Building Resources (Build Ahead Event)

Our build ahead event for the Senior TechnoChallenge 2011 was a bridge constructed of popsicle sticks and white glue.

Student teams had to show up with their bridge constructed already, according to the guidelines.

  1. The only allowed materials are standard Popsicle sticks (~11.5cm long, ~1cm wide, ~0.2cm thick), white glue, and Carpenters Glue.
  2. The bridge must span a full gap of 60 centimetres. This means the actual length must be longer.
  3. The bridge cannot weight more than 500 grams.
  4. A smooth continuous bridge deck for vehicular traffic must be provided along the entire span of the bridge. This deck must be at least an unobstructed 8 centimetres wide.
  5. The load will be applied on the deck of the bridge by means of a strap or rope that will hold weight below the bridge. There must be an opening 40 mm by 10 mm above the middle of the deck to allow the strap.
  6. Mark your school and team name clearly on the bridge so it can be easily identified.
  7. Bridges will be weighed before being loaded. In the event of a tie, the lightest bridge wins.
  8. All bridges will be destroyed during testing.


Bridge Guide

This booklet, prepared by Andrew Mann from Goderich PS, has lots of hints and starting points for bridge construction.