Screened Tasks

Screened Tasks are just a way of exploring Part Part Whole relationships and moving to addition & subtraction,  but for now I’ve given them their own page.

Screened tasks are best understood when you think about how some popular math programs approach addition and subtraction. Here’s an example:

Five frogs are on a log.
2 frogs hop off into the water.  How many frogs are left?Students are expected to cross off the frogs that left, and then find the answer.


The problem here is the actual skill that is now required of the students. They count the frogs left, which is basically a JK skill. It might illustrate the concept of subtraction, but doesn’t require students to make connections between their Part Part Whole knowledge and subtraction. They just practice their counting skills.

A screened task is quite different.  Here’s an example of a partially screened subtraction task

Here are some frogs.  How many are there?(Student counts or recognizes quantity)

They all go to sleep under this log.(Move frogs under log)

How many are under the log?

(Student should recall quantity)

Now 2 frogs wake up and come out.How many frogs are left under the log?


The student is unable to count the remainder, and must make use of part part whole experiences. Students should have previously explored parts of the number in question – you can find good activities on the Part Part Whole page.


Screened addition cards  screened task cards


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