Board Games

Board games have been shown to increase student’s skills in basic number sense, counting skills, number recognition, number comparison, estimation,subitizing, movement is magnitude principle, abstraction principle, and many other fundamental math skills. Various social skills are also developed. In fact, studies have found a correlation between
math achievement and students’ exposure to board games at home.
Some districts have made board games a major portion of their Pre-K math intervention.

Most of these games span many number sense concepts, which is why they are placed in this separate category. Most of these files have a second page gameboard to be printed on ledger size paper.

Leonardo The Terrible Monster
This board game is based on the book Leonardo The Terrible Monster by Mo Williams. The object of the game is to get Leonardo and Sam home.
The Terrible Tiger
This board game is based on the book The Terrible Tiger by Joy Cowley.
Ants In Your Pants
This board game is based on the book I Saw An Ant On The Railroad Track by Joshua Prince
Monkey and Me
This game is based on the book Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett. Students will have the opportunity to work with the concepts of more than, less than and equals.
Froggy Catch the Fly
Two players race to 10 to catch a fly.
A race to a waterhole using a concrete number line.
Christopher Counting
Students explore one more and two more to move along a number line.
The Right Number Of Elephants
Students construct a quantity number line.


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