Decimals & Percent

In grade 6, students are moving to more abstract understandings of decimals, expanding to using thousandths. They also expand their multiplication and division of decimals, where algorithms play a more central role. Their understanding of hundredths is applied to percents.

One goal is to get students to move flexibly between these different representations – seeing the connection between decimals, fractions, percent, and a pictorial or conceptual understanding.

Multiple Representation Cards

These cards show 4 representations of numbers: percent, decimal, base 100 fraction, and a decimal grid picture.  They can be used to play a variety of games which are detailed in the file.

Multiple Representation Mat

This is a sheet where students use a decimal grid to help convert a lowest term fraction to various forms.  Good for posting on walls after each set of students have been given a different fraction to work with.  For example, on pair is given 1/2, another 3/4, and they use the grid to find the other representations.

Multiple Representation Mat – Ledger Size

Multiple Representation Foldover

This sheets are useful for showing one or two representations of a number and having students generate the other two, with the answers hidden.  This is a blank template designed to be filled in by groups of students before further use.

Multiple Representation Foldover – Ledger Size

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