Unitizing is just grouping ten ‘things’ to make a larger unit. For place value, whenever we get 10 or more in a place value unit we need to regroup.

For example, once we get 10 tenths, we make that into a whole or unit. Students should be able to take a representation such as ‘1 whole and 12 tenths’ and show that as a standard decimal number.

Multiple representations are also a key part of this. Inversely from above, students should be able to take a number such as 2.3 and realize it can be regrouped as 1 and 13 tenths, or even 23 tenths.

This ability to regroup decimals sets the stage for the addition and subtraction algorithms.



Toss a DecimalThis an activity where students use popsicle sticks to create random groups of tenths and hundredths and write the decimal representation. It can include a lot of regrouping and really show student understanding of place value.


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