Fractions and Decimals

Grade 4 students need to be able to convert halves and fifths to decimal equivalents.  This is done using materials as well as abstractly. 

A good investigation is to give groups of students one of these fractions:




They shade that fraction of a tenths grid in, and use this representation to convert fraction to tenths, then a decimal.  For example, two fifths is shaded in:


        and the visual used to convert the lowest term fraction to 4 tenths.

Multiple Representation Mat

Page with 4 representations of a fraction used to convert to decimal equivalents as above.

Multiple Representation Foldover

Flip up chart with 4 representations of a decimal / fraction.  Students are given the lowest term fraction and convert it to the other 4 terms.


You can play spoons with any math concept where you can come up with 4 representations of a concept.  In this file, directions are included for this game with 4 representations of decimals to tenths.

There are also directions for two other games, and you can play Go Fish or Concentration with the cards as well.


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