Multiplication Games

Most of the games can be modified to practice the different strategies, and so are all placed here.

It’s important to note that students should be practicing facts for which they have a strategy – if they have only looked at 2X, 10X and 5X, then the game should be adjusted so these are the facts used.

Circles and StarsThis is one of the first games students play, and basically reinforces the groups ofconcept of multiplication.

For this game, two students hold a card to their forehead while a third calls out the product. The students then figure out their hidden card.  Also very useful for introducing division.

Four in a Row

Capture the ArrayThis game uses the array model of multiplication.  It’s also excellent for investigating the distributive property (when variation two is used).
Cash OutThis is a game for two players where cards are bought for their face value, but sold for their product when multiplied by another card. cash out multiplication fact game
Multiplication Bingo

What’s Your Number

This page of multiplication fact questions is printed on to a page of 3 x 10 standard labels.  Each student wears one for the day and responds to the answer rather than their name.

Winning Touch

Greg Tang BooksWhile not technically a game, these books are a great resource for teaching the multiplication facts.  Each school in Avon Maitland has the complet eset of Greg Tang books.

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