2D Shapes

In grade three, student’s exploration of two dimensional geometry mostly deals with identifying and comparing polygons according to number of sides, side lengths, number of interior angles, and number of right angles. They need to compare and contrast various quadrialterals and how they relate to one another. Additionally they explore right angles and compare angles.


Anglegs Geostrips Power Polygons




Angle Eater

This is an activity where students create an ‘angle eater’ to use to find right angles in the class.  Also useful for finding angles smaller or larger than a right angle.

Roll a Quadrilateral

This is an activity using anglegs where students construct randon quadrilaterals and record them.  Useful in that a variety of non-standard quadrilaterals are generated and sorted by definition, so various relationships can be realized.

Smartboard Pentomino file

Smart notebook file with the 11 pentomino shapes.


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