Number Splitting

Splitting numbers to add just means to decompose the numbers along the ones, tens, and hundreds, and then add the different place values. The numbers can be written horizontally, vertically, or separated by arrows.

Number Splitting Across
Number Splitting Down

Some teachers like the across as it seems a little neater, while others like the down method as it’s closer to the standard algorithm.

I prefer a slightly less structured method where students aren’t required to organize their numbers quite as much. Even if it gets a little sloppy, you just need to track where the numbers went and what they split into by following the arrows. When I want to get organized, just move to the partial sums algorithm.

Scaffolded Partitioning SheetThis page helps students break apart numbers to add, reminding them to break on the decade and directing them which parts to add.
Number Splitting Amoeba GameGood demonstration by the BBC of adding and subtracting by splitting.

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