Near Doubles

The near doubles build on student proficiency with the doubles facts, along with an understanding of near numbers (+1 facts).

When faced with a fact like 6 + 7, students can think double 6, plus one more.

This is one strategy where the use of concrete and visual scaffolds is sometimes overlooked.  Students who have know a double fact but can’t extrapolate to near doubles can use concrete materials to build the double fact first.

After modelling the double fact with counters, the student is asked to add a counter to one of the boxes, and how that would affect their total.


Near Double Flash Cards

These cards show a reminder of the double fact for the near doubles.

Snappy Doubles

A two player game, taken from the Guide to Effective Instruction.

Near Double Match

A basic game where cards with near doubles are laid on a mat with helping doubles facts.


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