Bonds of 10

The ‘bonds’ are just any two numbers that add to 10. These facts are particularly important as they are used in the make 10 strategy and extensively in multdigit addition and subtraction.

These are initially discussed using ten frames. When students can tell you how many are shown by the ten frame, you can ask ‘How many more to make 10? The students can focus on the blank cells to answer this prompt.

Math Lines

This is a neat online game for practicing bonds of 10.

Bond Cards

A set of cards representing the numbers 1 to 9 on ten frames.  One page has just ten frames, a second scaffold page has numerals in addition.  Useful for any of the games below.

Make 10 Go Fish

Students play with a regular deck of cards, or any dot cards.  They put down pairs of cards that total to ten, rather than matching pairs as in the regular Go Fish game.  Full directions to the right.

Roll and Add

Students throw two dice.  How many more are needed to make 10?  Recording sheet and directions to the right.

Tens Concentration

Students play with a regular deck of cards (2 sets of 1-10), or any dot cards.  As in regular concentration, but cards are collected if they total 10.   Full directions to the right.

Make 10 Dominoes

Students play dominoes, but a new tile can only be played if they make 10, not if they match.  This requires double nine dominoes.  Full directions to the right.

Make 10 Booklet

This file should be printed double sided.  It can then be stapled in the middle to make a student booklet.  They add stickers or use a bingo dabber to show all the possible bonds of 10.


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