Take Home Math

Some some studies have found that math homework in the early grades has little effect on performance, and some have even suggested a negative effect.  Yet most research also says that a home connection for math is very important.  Further, it’s hard to see how practicing math skills can be detrimental.

The answer likely lies in the type of math homework commonly assigned.  An effective primary take home math program must involve and inform parents, practice skills already worked on in class, take place over time, and not be evaluated for marks.

I’m still collecting good ideas – pass on something you think will work.

Below you will find a set of involving activities and games that practice key ideas and skills and are designed to be sent home for a week to be played with parents. No order is set up yet, but most teachers will want to pick about 4 related activities and have groups of students take one of them home each week for a month. For a 20 student class, you would need 5 copies of each activity for this approach. Remember, activities should be sent home only after students have had the chance to see them in class.

Large ziplock bags work well for these take home math kits, but some teachers prefer to use something like plastic protective envelopes as they are more durable (available cheap from dollar stores).

Take Home Math Grade 1

A file of 14 activities with all blackline masters and material lists.

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