Teen Numbers

The teen numbers are particularly difficult for English students, due to their unusual naming. Eleven and twelve actually mean ‘one left’ and two left’, referring to the extra amounts past ten.

A common approach is to use ten frames to make a strong visual connection to ‘ten and some more’.

Teen PostersThese posters show two ten frames, one full, to connect to the idea of teen numbers of ‘ten and some more’.  They are designed to print on Ledger size paper.
Teen Flash CardsThe teen numbers are represented on two ten frames, used much as regular ten frame flash cards.   During oral / mental math sessions, show students a random card. Two key questions are How many? and How many more than 10?The first page of the file details further use of these cards.
Student Teen Flash CardsThese cards are set four per page for games, student activities, or take home math. Printed double sided, the total appears on the back.
Tricky Teens Student BookletContributed by Tamara Dobos. Print this file double sided, and it forms a booklet where students can represent the teen numbers on ten frames using stickers or bingo dabbers.
Teen Subitizing CardsThese are an attempt to take subitizing patterns and apply them to the teen numbers. It’s basically a full teen frame coupled with dot patterns, and used for oral / mental math time with questions similar to those used for dot plates.
Teen Representation OrderingIn this activity, students take 4 different representations of teen numbers and put them in order.


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