5/10 Frames

Ten frames provide a reference to the anchors of 5 and 10. Since our number system and understanding of place value are dependent on groupings of 10, these tools provide a key underpinning for place value work.  They also provide support for many addition fact strategies, such as Bonds of Ten and Make Ten (bridging).  The various materials below can form an important part of oral / mental math time in the early grades.

Ten Frame Flash Cards – dot fill

The numbers from 1 to 12 are shown by dots in these 5.5″ by 8.5″ ten frame cards.

Ten frame Flash Cards – Student Size

These cards are smaller (4 per page) and designed for take home math activities or other student use.

Ten Frame Flash Cards – shade fill

These cards are much the same, but the frames are shaded in.

Pairwise Flash Cards

Students are generally instructed to fill in their ten frames top row first, and then the bottom row, which is called a fivewise pattern. Showing ten frames filled in pairwise can make connections to the even & odd numbers, as well as doubles and near doubles addition strategies.

Blank Ten Frames

Ten Frame Activities

A list of activities for ten frames.

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